Electronic Beats Apps – It’s time to download them

Electronic Beats Radio App  (IOS - iPhone / Android 2013)

From the 1st of June a redesign of the Electronic Beats Radio App became available to the market. Now users are able to listen to live recordings of Electronic Beats events and DJ mixes, and choose songs from a vast library of different genres. Not only are international DJs and live acts available at the touch of a finger, but a wide range of up-and-coming young artists are also in the library. Further, all mixes can be shared, added to a list of favourites, or streamed at home via Apple AirPlay – all with only one click. Through the app users can also purchase tickets for Electronic Beats events and retrieve them easily on their smartphone. The payment is processed quickly and easily, all through the mobile phone bill.

Download EB Radio App for free:

IOS - iPhone: http://goo.gl/x3bFd4

Android: http://goo.gl/eo40Lj

Electronic Beats Video App  (IOS - iPhone, iPad)

Slices in your pocket: The Electronic Beats Video App brings all the contents from the popular Electronic Beats Slices DVD series together in one unique collection. Now users can access over 300 videos that include both live recordings of Electronic Beats concerts and Electronic Beats interviews – all in excellent HD quality. Life is for sharing! Telekom’s claim matches perfectly with their new app – via a sharing feature videos can be shared and filtered according to one’s preferences. Another exciting new feature is the “offline” ability. Using this users can save videos in their list of favourites and watch them whenever and wherever they like – completely offline (and of course they can also watch them via Apple TV at home and buy tickets for Electronic Beats events).

Download EB Video App for free:IOS - iPhone: http://goo.gl/s2mcZc

Electronic Beats News App  (Windows phones)

The third of the brand new apps, the EB News App, has been available since the 1st of May on the Windows Marketplace, and is redefining how apps bring the news to you. Based on RSS feed, this app keeps all fans of Electronic Beats updated with news from the electronic music scene;and brings the whole EB-cosmos to a mobile device. The app was designed by Electronic Beats through close collaboration with leading mobile producer Nokia, and made specifically for Windows Phones 7 and 8. In the future, the Electronic Beats Magazine will be featured on the news app Flipboard with a custom-built category.

Download EB News App for free: http://goo.gl/MFXSJy