Selected Sounds autumn program

As summer ends, Selected Sounds - NVC’s own event series focusing on forward thinking electronic music –  is about to start its 2016/17 season. Just by taking a quick glance at the autumn schedule, one can already tell this year will be by far their strongest. Let’s take a look at the dates you should look out for in the coming months.

In just a few days, on the 16th of September, Selected Sounds will take a huge step forward as a record label releasing its first compilation Budapest Selected. The artists featured on the collection include Iamyank, Volkova Sisters, Mius, 9b0, Gryllus Ábris and Surfalone. The six-track-long release will offer a high-definition snapshot of the artists close to Selected Sounds and will also outline the label’s ambitious future plans. Keep an eye on Selected Sounds to find out more about the exciting compilation.

At the following featured link you can listen to small snippets from the above mentioned compilation.


Furthermore on this compilation you can listen to the new song of that iamyank, who just returned with his live band from their Poland tour. The Recorder Magazine wrote a blog about this tour, which you can read at the following link and in the video attached you can hear the above mentioned new song the very first time.


On October 10th, Selected Sounds brings Squarepusher’s five-piece band, Shobaleader One to Budapest in partnership with CAFe Budapest. Producing under the moniker Squarepusher, Tom Jenkinson is one of the cult artists of 90s electronic music scene with a number of influential albums under his belt. The concert will breathe new life into the producer’s compositions, which gives the audience a great opportunity to look back at Squarepusher’s work and also to get inspired by the overwhelming energy of live electronic music.



We are thrilled to announce that another important pioneer in electronic music, Autechre will once again make an appearance in Budapest this fall. Touring with their latest album elseq 1-5 released in May, Autechre will take the stage at Akvárium on November 7th. Also of note is that the Manchester duo is going to bring along two special guests, the inimitable Russell Haswell and Andy Maddocks.



On the 9th of November, eighteen months after their Budapest debut, Glass Animals will return to the Hungarian capital with their colorful pop music. The band will present How to Be a Human Being, their fresh second album released on August 26th at Millenáris Teátrum. Those who were lucky enough to witness the four-piece’s concert last year will know that we are talking about a band at the peak of its career and as such, their concerts are not to be missed.


Last but not least, Selected Sounds’s record label will release its third outing on the 11th of November. Eleven, the second album from 9b0, a local producer previously known for creating a special mold of electronica will be one of the great surprises on the music scene in the last months of 2016.

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