Nils’s dj career started as early as at the age of 15, at the now legendary Kashmir Underground. Today, Nils is still an important part of the underground techno scene.

Among the countless club nights and events that he played, Nils’s path has had many milestones during the years that defined not only his style, but also the style of the Hungarian underground electronic scene. Nils played the techno festival Mayday in 2009, started his own radio show Planet Radio in 2010, and started an event series the same year, Concorde Events, bringing famed artists like Alan Fritzpatrick or Speedy J to Hungary.

In 2013, he founded the production duo Steam Shape with his friend SveTec. Together they have released music on labels like Analytic Trail, Driving Forces Records or Phobiq, while their tracks are played by names such as Richie Hawtin or Adam Beyer. The most recent milestone in Nils’s career was joining the NVC crew, which also made him a regular guest at NVC’s own weekly night, Casino Bangkok.