After ten years of drumming in various bands, in 2011 Iamyank started his solo project which has always been characterised by his desire to transcend genres and styles. In his early career, taking imPro School’s Music Producer course was followed by dj sets around Budapest and at major festivals, remixes (Anima Sound System, Péterfy Bori & The Love Band) and his first official singles.

In the past years, he kept the momentum going by releasing a string of EPs gaining more and more recognition. His debut EP released in 2013, Cold Summer was followed the next year by City Of Nobody and The Last Song, two outings that represented a much more colourful sound. A good example for his knack for experimentation is that his most recent EP, Lost Sounds was released together with a mobile game entitled Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds.

While putting out release after release, Iamyank has never forgotten about keeping his live performance fresh. Recruiting a band was a possibility preferred to the one-man show since the beginning and now that possibility is about to become reality. Enabling him to bring even more energy and creativity to the stage are members Bognár Szabolcs (keys), Somló Dániel (drums) and Mohácsi Matyi (bass). Iamyank Live Band is a next step in the evolution of the project that will help Iamyank push the boundaries further.