mius faceMïus is a solo music project by Gergely Álmos, based in Budapest. It is defined as a multi-art project wherein the different fields of self-expression meet each other. Gergely Álmos is an architect in civil life and also works in movies as set designer, which describes why Mïus always pays attention to every small detail from songs to videos as everything is part of his self-expression. All the works are a result of a mature conception.

After starting the band in 2011, the first two albums, „Behind The Line“ and „Tessellation“ resulted from the collaboration with singer Julia Horanyi. Mïus live, accompanied by other musicians, had concerts from clubs to theaters, cinemas and also music festivals. He supported many artists such as Lamb (UK), Rebekka Karijord (N), Amatorski (BE). He played on stages before Clean Bandit (UK), Maxi Jazz and The E-Type Boys (UK). Mïus performed live at the popular unplugged show of the hungarian radio MR2.

The release of the third album “Eigengrau” is due to happen in 1st April 2016 on Sonar Kollektiv. For this piece Gergely Álmos collaborated with singers Laura Hahn (US), Kasia Kowalczyk (PL), Vera Jónás (H) and Dóri Hegyi (H). The making took a 1 year process, where he invited musicians to join the recordings. The main concept in sound design was to hit a voice in a gentle mixture of electronic sounds and acoustic instruments. In addition to the instruments Mïus recorded and edited a lots of ordinary noises which was found exciting. These sounds (like granny’s glass jar, keys, bike spokes, all kind of woods and plastic objects) can be listened hidden in the album.

Eigengrau is the colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness, reflects on the space atmosphere the album owns. During the making of the music Gergely Almos worked in the Art Department of Ridley Scott, The Martian, new sci-fi of the english director. Working in the sets of Mars must have been affected on the creative process, that can be recognized for example in the “Space Odyssey” style drums of Haumea or the white noises of Before the Rain.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miusband
Bandcamp: http://miussk.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/mius-2
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/miusband/videos


Nils’s dj career started as early as at the age of 15, at the now legendary Kashmir Underground. Today, Nils is still an important part of the underground techno scene.

Among the countless club nights and events that he played, Nils’s path has had many milestones during the years that defined not only his style, but also the style of the Hungarian underground electronic scene. Nils played the techno festival Mayday in 2009, started his own radio show Planet Radio in 2010, and started an event series the same year, Concorde Events, bringing famed artists like Alan Fritzpatrick or Speedy J to Hungary.

In 2013, he founded the production duo Steam Shape with his friend SveTec. Together they have released music on labels like Analytic Trail, Driving Forces Records or Phobiq, while their tracks are played by names such as Richie Hawtin or Adam Beyer. The most recent milestone in Nils’s career was joining the NVC crew, which also made him a regular guest at NVC’s own weekly night, Casino Bangkok.




Error, 9b0’s first full length album released in 2010 showed a music producer that has definitely found his own voice. A live act built specifically for this album was subsequently presented at venues like Merlin, A38 or Cinetrip’s events. His next EP, entitled Outofwords saw the light of day in 2012 and was followed by three years of silence.

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After ten years of drumming in various bands, in 2011 Iamyank started his solo project which has always been characterised by his desire to transcend genres and styles. In his early career, taking imPro School’s Music Producer course was followed by dj sets around Budapest and at major festivals, remixes (Anima Sound System, Péterfy Bori & The Love Band) and his first official singles.

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As a member of the NVC crew since 2009, he performed alongside artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, Ellen Allien, Apparat, T. Raumschmiere, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Modeselektor, Extrawelt, Oliver Koletzki, Noze or Fairmont.

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Dr. Zoidberg

Collecting music since his childhood and spinning records since the Millennium, Zoltán Légrádi first gained country-wide reputation in the Hungarian psytrance scene as one of the first DJs who played psychedelic techno and trance tunes. Joining his soul mates at NVC in 2006 finally brought the artist a home, lasting friendships, and lots of new possibilities.

His style has always been evolving while keeping its trademarks. Zoidberg’s ever growing vinyl collection holds gems from a multitude of genres, and his eclectic dj sets take inspiration from abstract jazz, hip-hop, punk and psychobilly to technical death metal and grindcore. After exploring most of the genres within electronic music, he eventually found his own sound playing techno music, and gained an important role in the Hungarian underground scene.

Beside lots of radio-appearances, countless events, clubs and residencies in and outside of Hungary where he supported most of the biggest names in today’s techno & house music, the Doctor maintains his own playgrounds too in the form of his weekly radio show on the biggest Hungarian online radio-station RCKO.FM and his small clubbing series called Casino BLACK polishing the darker side of Hungary’s successful underground clubbing series: Casino Bangkok.